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      For college students (old & new) who already have their schedule but have not yet settled their down payment for official enrollment, the deadline of your payment is on or before June 9, 2017.

      Failure to comply in the said payment will lead to the deletion of reserved subjects in the system.

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NCST Hymn and Logo

ncst_pngThe NCST logo exemplifies the institutions’ view of education. The shield serves as a bold statement of the role that NCST has chosen both as guardian and champion of the finest ideals of high education. The face of the shield bears the following: the atom which represents science as a vital tool for development; the gear and lightning for power through technology; the computer for information technology and the open book with a torch on the center represents the original purpose of guided education. Beneath the shield is a single bendlet bearing the name of NCST which surmounts the other heraldic bearings and borne as a difference in mark.

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