• Silent Sanctuary @ NCST

    • Sept 27, 2018
    • NCST Open Field
    • 6:00 PM

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Academic Partners

ORACLE ACADEMY Certified Partner

NCST has just gained access to the Oracle Academy online Sun courses at the Oracle University Knowledge Center.

Oracle Academy prepares students for 21st century careers and provides teachers with world-class training and professional development opportunities. The Oracle Academy offers a complete portfolio of software, curriculum, hosted technology, faculty training, support, and certification resources to education institutions globally.  Students gain hands-on experience with the latest technologies and develop industry-relevant skills prior to entering the workplace.

Below are instructions for the enrolled students to gain access to the OU Knowledge Center.

Important : Before you proceed with activating your OU Knowledge Center Passports,  each must have an account. For those who  do not have an account, create an account by clicking


JEDI is a collaborative project that aims to make high-quality, industry-endorsed IT and Computer Science course material available for free. The course materials are developed with inputs from industry and conforms to international education standards. JEDI materials and resources are developed, used and enhanced in a collaborative environment using

JEDI is a project of  the University of the Philippines Java Research and Development Center and Oracle and in partnership with various groups from education and industry.

JEDI member institutions immediately gain access to a whole suite of resources to enhance teaching and learning experience:

  • Teacher’s and student’s manuals
  • Teaching slides
  • Exercises and problem sets
  • Reference material
  • Software and other development tools
  • Faculty training
  • Online community
  • Events for faculty and students

Microsoft Certified Partner

Certified Partners possess a high degree of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies, and may demonstrate their proficiency in one or more Microsoft Competencies. At this level you will receive, at a minimum, telephone-based account engagement, which gives you the opportunity to build a closer relationship with Microsoft. You can access a rich set of benefits that can help you gain an advantage in the marketplace.

JAPAN Foundation Manila

With the school’s very high population and coupled with its mission and vision of producing quality and competitive graduates, the training it has been providing its students has not been limited to knowledge, practical skills and training alone. Rather,NCST made sure that its students are also trained to be linguistically competent not only with the Filipino and English languages, but as well as with Japanese language or Nihonggo.

The vastly populated Hotel and Restaurant Department and the Dual Training Systems department made it a point to train its students to be competent in communicating with the basics of the Japanese Language and the Japanese culture andtraditions.

Japanese Language and Culture Training Materials

There are about Two Hundred (200) faculty members who are graduates of prestigious educational institutions in the country and majority of whom are professional educators. Eighty percent (80%) are full-time instructors and remaining twenty percent (20%) are part-time instructors. Most of the faculty members have either completed their graduate and post-graduate studies while
the others are working towards their master and PhD degrees. Through the generosity of Japan Foundation Manila, NCST has been a recipient of valuable donations of Japanese learning materials. The materials donated by JF Manila enabled the teacher s to continuously enrich themselves in their teaching of Nihonggo and the Japanese culture. As for the students, the learning materials and other publications donated by JF Manila to NCST challenged them to steadily progress in their study of the Japanese Language and Culture.

Eulji University Sister School Cooperation

Eulji University is a private university in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea and central Daejeon, South Korea. It opened its doors as a college in March 1997. Instruction focuses on medical fields. The school was established by Dr. Park Jun-yeong and the Eulji Educational Foundation, which in turn grew out of the Eulji Hospital, which opened in 1981.

See the List of Eulji Sister Schools:

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