• Silent Sanctuary @ NCST

    • Sept 27, 2018
    • NCST Open Field
    • 6:00 PM

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Educational Philosophy

NCST provides holistic education programs which are anchored to our Square of Learning composed of Values Formation, Environmental Concern and Protection, Theoretical Foundation and Practical Skills Development. These four elements should work hand-in-hand order to attain the realization of unified NCST Spirit.

The NCST Square of Learning

Values Formation.  Among the four elements, values formation was crafted to be the first and most important element of our education.  We would like to inculcate to every NCST family member the importance of enduring positive mindset, competitiveness and excellence in every work.  As we build the character of every individual and emphasize mutual respect, we put forth our belief in transforming ordinary students to become extraordinary.  Values Formation represents our Heart.

Environmental Concern and Protection. It is our common responsibility to give environmental consciousness, care and protection. We believe that we are all responsible and should take our place in the ecological balance and management and be part of the solution instead of becoming the problem.  We should inspire and influence our community in the implementation of our environment programs. Environmental Concern and Protection represents our Soul.

Theoretical Foundation.  This element is the backbone of our educational philosophy. We would like to excel theoretically, because it is the foundation of our knowledge where our wisdom depends. Theoretical Foundation represents our Mind.

Practical Skills.  We continuously develop practical skill enhancement programs to sustain competitiveness among our graduates, creating an avenue of cooperation between the industry experts and the academic community in crafting a more relevant curriculum and more industry-relevant skills pertaining to the technical training requirements of our students. We should be able to learn the ability to use the technology with the use of our hands. Practical Skills represents our Body.


In alliances, constructive and synergistic, with all who share our vision and mission and without having to subvert our philosophy or compromise our principles;

In providing equal rights in the delivery of industry-based education regardless of race, color, creed and social status;

In building a holistic character of our graduates who are equipped with industry expertise embedded with industry responsive knowledge and developed with solidified values of faith, love of country and humanity, hope, justice, mutual respect and peace;

In every member’s capabilities and strength, thus providing industry-academe immersion and cooperation as an avenue for continuing education and professional development for it is the integral component in giving quality service to our clientele;



 In the Almighty God, the Great Educator, the science of everything, whose blessings we implore in all our goals and aspirations, and in His Divine Will, we rest our vision.


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