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School Uniform

All students (morning, afternoon and evening sessions) are required to wear school uniform during school days except Wednesday and Saturday, which are “Wash Days”

For the Males, the prescribed uniform is white polo with embroidered logo on the upper left portion of the chest, white sando inside, regular cut of navy blue pants and black leather shoes. Maong jeans, sandals and rubber shoes are not allowed in the campus.

Wearing of earring is strictly prohibited for male students. Wearing such shall not be allowed to enter in the campus.

For the Females, (all courses except for AOM), the prescribed uniform is off white blouse with embroidered logo on the upper left portion of the chest, navy blue pants but should be regular cut and closed black shoes. Maong jeans, sneakers, sandals, rubber shoes, slippers, step-in are not allowed.

For AOM- Associate in Office Management students, the prescribed uniform is off white blouse, embroidered logo on the upper left portion of the chest, above the knee, navy blue pencil cut skirt.

For Physical Education, the prescribed uniform is blue jogging pants with NCST print, white T-Shirt with NCST logo and any color of rubber shoes.

For CWTS (Civic Welfare Training Service), the prescribed uniform is maong pants, NCST T-Shirt and any color of rubber shoes.

Although the students are given a privileged to wear civilian clothes every Wednesday and Saturday, it is the responsibility of the students to dress in a manner proper to the academic nature of the college.

The school urges to the students to promote a lifestyle is simple and value oriented. The students are required to dress simply, appropriately and decently.

The following are not allowed during “wash days” and summer classes;

a. any kind of shorts
b. sleeveless blouses and dresses
c. blouses and dresses with plunging necklines, midriffs
d. backless, off-shoulder, hanging blouses
e. micro-mini skirts
f. flat step-in without strap slippers
g. tattered jeans or pants destroyed on the knees and those with patches
h. hats and caps worn in inside classroom and offices
i. shirt with indecent points

In the case of working students, they can only be exempted from wearing the prescribed uniform if they are wearing their official company uniform and duly supported by the original copy of certificate of employment, photocopy of company ID and registration form with WORKING PERMIT issued and approved by the Office of the Student Affairs

Note: Non-wearing of prescribed uniform and ID or use of unauthorized ID shall not be admitted in the class.

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