• Silent Sanctuary @ NCST

    • Sept 27, 2018
    • NCST Open Field
    • 6:00 PM

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Office of the Registrar


The mission of the NCST Office of the Registrar is to provide accurate academic record information, personal and policy services to faculty members, staffs, internal and external constituencies. The Office of the Registrar creates and maintains each student’s official academic record and preserves its integrity at all times. It guides and serves the college community with confidentiality, respect and credibility, while fostering accountability and responsibility.


The Office of the Registrar envisions a committed to excellence working community. It visualizes a more challenging workplace to be more reliable and functional. It foresees seeking changes in ways improvement of the office, the staffs and the people it serves. It anticipates maintaining an environment in the office and on campus that encourages growth, supports academics, respects individual differences and promotes communications and participation throughout all areas of institution.


The Office of the Registrar’s objectives is to assess the needs of the students, faculty members and other external linkages and as well as to be recognized by the management in supporting the service providers with knowledge, skills and tools to fulfill its mission and vision.


  • The Office of the Registrar consists of several services:
  • Enrollment and Schedule Management Services
  • Student Records Management Services
  • Academic Data Information Management Services
  • Internal and External Communication Services
  • School Automated System Services
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